AJ Tracey

'Ladbroke Grove'


A lovely, warm and likeable 2-Step beat sets the mood together with a light vocal sentiment. The fresh bars bring a great street vibe. I’m a rockstar, DJ mash up the deck.


Chart Position: #5 in UK


AJ Tracey



CHARTED: September 2019

Soprano ft Vincenzo

'Le Coach'


It’s time to go push, we have dreams to lift. This is an ultimate power song aka a motivational talk from your coach telling you not to give up. The lively production gets you jumping with a fun, uplifting spirit. Snappy French lyrics are all up in your face as the team chants “Allez” - Go!


Chart Position: #14 in Mauritius


Soprano | Vincenzo 



Boomdabash & Alessandra Amoroso

'Mambo Salentino'


Baila. Dance… Trumpets flare in vivd triumph as the fluid Italian male vocals dance with the alluring female. This is a colourful song of enjoying the moment and forgetting any worries.


Chart Position: #5 in Italy


Boomdabash | Alessandra Amoroso



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