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Flitting from one note to another. Step into the world of DMIZE and discover hidden gems from Rocket Dubz, Joshua Iz and CJ Reign. You are an original, find your artistry on the core. Get to know the Italian-born songstress Vina Rose as she dazzles the UK with her versatile voice. Strings play a heavenly melody.. when everything is shaking, unwind with refreshing music from Message To Bears and HAEVN. Find out about T8PES’ video exploring his Brummie youth, Hannah V’s divine luxury beats series, DJ S.K.T’s uplifting club banger and Trinity Ezah’s Roma renaissance. Inner strength blossoms, discover the whimsy and delight of Eden Nash as she releases her new EP. We've got your events guide, show listings and music from Pia Mia, Magnifik, TLove, Kelly Pepper, Galiant, POOLCLVB and more.



Issue AM063

"A sweet surprise, the unconditional love of my dogs, travelling and discovering new places, the tenderness of the babies, a finished record, a nice meal with friends, cuddling with the love one, and the list could go on and on....”

Vina Rose's reasons to smile






I hear the sound of love and harmony.


Smiles so joyous, a love so beautiful.


Gather yourself and take the next leap


You are strong, keep going.