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7 August 2019 sees artist Josh Lasden celebrate 25 years of his career in Eeklo, Belgium. The DJ & producer has proudly found success with his passion for house, electronic and futuristic music.

25 Years Josh Lasden

7 August 2019

Eeklo Beach - Eeklo Centre, Belgium

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The whimsical film will charm you with the quaint story of a young boy who discovers a love for music. Sailboat, played by Julian Atocani Sanchez, is an enigmatic character with a warm and loving heart.

A few notable members of the cast include Oscar winner J.K. Simmons as well as Jake Busey, Noel Gugliemi, Elizabeth De Razzo.

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An absolute banger!

The hot club production is comprised of lively, bumpy beats and a bright feelgood main section to get you jumping. The vocals are strong and con dent with a sexy vibe, they are playfully chopped at the chorus to fit with the modern dance style.

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