By audiationmagazine, Sep 29 2019 10:11AM

The story of a girl rising up through the storm, not taking any nonsense anymore.

You ain’t worth my time. Her sultry voice has a lovely mix of raspiness and sweetness.

By audiationmagazine, Sep 28 2019 06:00PM

Riding the rails across a picturesque Thailand. My mind at ease, my soul wandering into freedom.

Jet o with your summer accompaniment of the ‘Travel EP’ by Swedish producer TerraNation. For the first track, Travel’ holds modern dance melodies, a lively tempo and a hint of darkness reflecting the thrilling taste for adventure.

By audiationmagazine, Sep 28 2019 10:00AM

A lovely UKG trio.

The title track displays a pretty piano melody together with a gorgeous female vocal, on top of a minimal lively beat with a subtle bass wobble and little sparkles. Be good to me, my baby.

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