By audiationmagazine, Aug 13 2019 10:11AM

What are you writing?

My thoughts, my gut feelings...

Are words flowing?

No, I am hesitating...

Why? It ain't easy...

Can I help?

Hmmm, sure... But...

Calm down and take time to silence all!


- Stv

By audiationmagazine, Jun 18 2019 10:11AM

You know... it has been hard

Knowing that I was losing ground

I can't relate how it happened; nor when it started I just realised it...

When listening to that song

Seemed like a loving memory

My heart was pounding with sorrow

By audiationmagazine, Feb 4 2019 01:41PM

My insights when listening to Taylor's Stay Warm, is really get to the basics; choosing to embrace life and keeping oneself ready to live another life experience. Besides changing seasons, moods, lives or experiences, keep your heart beating. Keep going whatever comes your way.

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