By audiationmagazine, Sep 20 2019 10:11AM

Jack, Nataly & Crew Members,

Hey there! I am writing while listening to your channel...

My favorite song/mash-up for now is the JamiroBeeGees Mash Up. The vocals are clear and perfectly pitched for the music you deliver.

Now, seeing the live performance is another burst of energy. You have those expressions of being so happy to be here and having good fun(k).

By audiationmagazine, Aug 13 2019 10:11AM

What are you writing?

My thoughts, my gut feelings...

Are words flowing?

No, I am hesitating...

Why? It ain't easy...

Can I help?

Hmmm, sure... But...

Calm down and take time to silence all!


- Stv

By audiationmagazine, Jun 18 2019 10:11AM

You know... it has been hard

Knowing that I was losing ground

I can't relate how it happened; nor when it started I just realised it...

When listening to that song

Seemed like a loving memory

My heart was pounding with sorrow

By audiationmagazine, Feb 4 2019 01:41PM

My insights when listening to Taylor's Stay Warm, is really get to the basics; choosing to embrace life and keeping oneself ready to live another life experience. Besides changing seasons, moods, lives or experiences, keep your heart beating. Keep going whatever comes your way.

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