By audiationmagazine, Sep 1 2019 10:11AM

A beautiful collection of songs from this talented and passionate producer. From a difficult moment in his life, emotions are laid out bare for all to witness.

‘Overlooked’ featuring Harsh is an interesting blend of soulful jazz and a lively dnb beat, together with the soft yearning voice. ‘World Of hurt’ is simply a dark dnb piece re ecting pain hidden inside, anger needing a release.

By audiationmagazine, Aug 25 2019 10:11AM

Empowering, intense and fearless. Her clever production skills are humble and modest, quietly lighting the room.

The title track featuring Shystie and Pepper Rose holds a strong sense of courage and determination delivered through honest snappy verses and a flavourful, sweet chorus. I always had the vision that I CAN.

By audiationmagazine, Aug 15 2019 10:11AM

Solomon Grey’s single is given a remix from UK producer Hectic. The piano chords lead us in with a feeling of melancholy. A sturdy beat cuts through like a treacherous dagger. An eerie voice asks ‘How could I ever live without you?’

The music video is equally dramatic and reveals a dark story. A love triangle. A cursed fate. The visual piece features Bolton College performing arts students and was lmed in and around the college.

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