By audiationmagazine, Sep 24 2019 10:00AM

An absolute summer banger!

The chilled garage production has just the right amount of bumpiness, warmth and bass to provide the perfect joyful raving playground. The lively energy bouncing between this lyrical trio is contagious.

By audiationmagazine, Sep 21 2019 06:30PM

The most weird, wonderful and magical show in underground music that is Elrow returned to the party capital of England for its 3rd edition of Elrow Town London, and they did not disappoint.

From the start, the punches were pulled with the opening set on the main stage being played by Elrow mainstay Marc Maya followed by an incredible b2b2b by Detlef, Lastmun & Nathan Barato.

By audiationmagazine, Sep 1 2019 10:11AM

A beautiful collection of songs from this talented and passionate producer. From a difficult moment in his life, emotions are laid out bare for all to witness.

‘Overlooked’ featuring Harsh is an interesting blend of soulful jazz and a lively dnb beat, together with the soft yearning voice. ‘World Of hurt’ is simply a dark dnb piece re ecting pain hidden inside, anger needing a release.

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